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The 4JX1 is a diesel motored Jackaroo/ Trooper, which has front and rear differentials and a 5-speed gearbox with transfer case. Recommended that the oils are changed at 40,000 km.

Oil volumes and types:

Position                    Type                           Volume (L)                           km
Front Differential    75-90 GL-5                 1.4                                      40,000 [depend use]
Rear Differential      80W90 GL-5 LSD        3.0                                      40,000
Manual gearbox       5W-40                      3.0                                      40,000 [Hot conditions]
Transfer case            5W-40                     1.0                                       40,000

Each have a drainage point/ plug and easy to find except for the front differential:

Front Diff

There is a drain hole, you actually have to remove the lowest bolt on the rear of the housing. I did it and nothing came out, I then had a little jingle with a piece of wire and whammo out came the oil. I think it was just a little bit of sealer filling the gap.