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4JX1 - Problems with the injectors – Oring problems

Problems with the injectors – oring problems

This amounts too usually, one of three problems:

Diesel in coolant [oily scum found on top of radiator coolant, under the cap]; Coolant in the diesel [green coolant in the diesel tank]; Diesel in the oil [increasing oil volumes on stick]

A set of removed injectors, with 3 […]

Injectors fail to fire

This is a hard one to be sure about, without resorting to a TECH-2.

However, it must be remembered that for a “start” to occur, there are a series of pre-existing conditions:

There is fuel to the front of the oil-rail; There is oil at full pressure to the oil-rail; The oil does not smell […]

Cooler weather here now

It is getting cooler!!

A few things to think about with slower starts and sluggish starts in early winter/ autumn. It is only likely to get worse!!


Oil change too long?? – [Should we use a shorter oil change time in winter??, to stop the oil degradation] Not using 5W-30 diesel motor oil

Type […]