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Low oil pressure light comes on

J5, my true Blue Jack was giving some odd symptoms recently.

It would be periodically hard to start, tracked to a bad ORPS [maybe] but the really odd thing was the oil light would not extinguish. You would decelerate to a corner and the engine would stall – got quite quick to clutch start it […]

4JX1 - Problems with the injectors – Oring problems

Problems with the injectors – oring problems

This amounts too usually, one of three problems:

Diesel in coolant [oily scum found on top of radiator coolant, under the cap]; Coolant in the diesel [green coolant in the diesel tank]; Diesel in the oil [increasing oil volumes on stick]

A set of removed injectors, with 3 […]

Service Intervals and records

The service intervals for the Jackaroo/ Trooper are often lost as a vehicle is sold more than once, so it is important to look at the service sheet and vehicle specifications:

For your use, data sheet and service sheet

I keep these in the vehicle and bring the vehicle up to speed after purchase, then […]

Injectors fail to fire

This is a hard one to be sure about, without resorting to a TECH-2.

However, it must be remembered that for a “start” to occur, there are a series of pre-existing conditions:

There is fuel to the front of the oil-rail; There is oil at full pressure to the oil-rail; The oil does not smell […]

Cooler weather here now

It is getting cooler!!

A few things to think about with slower starts and sluggish starts in early winter/ autumn. It is only likely to get worse!!


Oil change too long?? – [Should we use a shorter oil change time in winter??, to stop the oil degradation] Not using 5W-30 diesel motor oil

Type […]


Fuel supply for 4JX1 motor:


Is fuel through to banjo at the front of head? [17mm ring spanner and loosen, don’t remove]; Is there fuel at filter head?? [10-mm spanner loosen before pushing bleed knob, then tighten before releasing to ensure fuel not dropped back to the tank]; If fuel there, engine […]

Seals in the sump - ingress of air

Seals in the sump often are found to need replacing when the sump uptakes [two] become either dislodged, break-off or start leaking. Vehicle won’t start, but an increase in oil level by putting an extra litre of oil into the sump will allow the engine to start as the intake point is covered with oil.


Turbocharger for 4JX1 IHI RHF5

A reasonable supplier for the 4JX1 has a turbo with both patterns already drilled at $409, including freight ex-Melbourne. Image below.

Talk to Barry on 03 – 8555 3989 and mention 4JX1.com

Full details are below:

Fits: Holden (Isuzu) Jackaroo 4JX1 / 4JX1T (3.0L) Shipping weight;

6.4 Shipping size:

26x24x22 RRP:

$ 409