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Bonus - Jackaroo Manual
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Parts from the Holden Dealer network can be expensive and often in low supply numbers, as the 4JX1 last model was in 2003.

Holden must keep parts for models for 15 years, so in theory, 2018. I was still able to get parts for my 1982 model until the past few years, but the wreckers was an easier path.

Turbo, with both hole patterns

Sleeve Puller – Computer Engineered, precision made item.

New message from: allan3030137 (93Blue Star)
I used the injector tube puller last weekend Works an absolute treat,no one should ever have trouble using this puller.saves heaps of time,no damage to tubes.
Thanks Allan.

How to use injector tube removal tool

Orings for replacement of OEM orings

With higher tolerances and proved in vehicle performance (time between replacement)


a. Full factory manual

b. Blog amalgamation of methods and fixes

Bonus – Jackaroo Manual

The manual above is by pdf download, with access through drop-box and your e-mail after payment for the injector puller/ removal tool.