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4JX1 - Problems with the injectors – Oring problems

Problems with the injectors – oring problems

This amounts too usually, one of three problems:

Diesel in coolant [oily scum found on top of radiator coolant, under the cap]; Coolant in the diesel [green coolant in the diesel tank]; Diesel in the oil [increasing oil volumes on stick]

A set of removed injectors, with 3 […]

Injectors fail to fire

This is a hard one to be sure about, without resorting to a TECH-2.

However, it must be remembered that for a “start” to occur, there are a series of pre-existing conditions:

There is fuel to the front of the oil-rail; There is oil at full pressure to the oil-rail; The oil does not smell […]

Injector Sleeve Puller

Sleeve Puller

This is a Computer Engineered, precision made item, from the correct spring steel and properly fits the injector tube for extraction. If there has been silicon used to “fix tubes”, the puller may require adaptions.

For sale at $145AU, plus postage and handling. If overseas, will require mailing extra.

The tool is shown […]