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Funny oil pressure woes

J5, the Blue Jack has been noisy of late, with #4 manifold gasket blown and lots of noise.

But before that, J5 had been stalling as I went around corners. Not every time, but quite often and the last time, I could not get it to start and the dash oil light remained on.

ORPS, I think, so change that out and still no start, with oil light now occasional. Cut the white wire and starts straight off, no dash light either.

As I had to take off the manifold, good time to clean the drivers side of the engine. Got to the sensor on the oil pressure housing, lots of oil and able to be turned just using a single finger.

Checked the coolant supply hose to oil filter cooler – very squashed and hard, so replaced it after I got a coolant pipe with correct bend shape [Got two from it for $21 at Supercheap!!]

Not Good.

Checked wiring loom to sensor for oil – clean, but used terminal cleaner anyway, fashioned up a 17mm spanner to fit and replaced the wiring on a support near the engine as wiring and the cabling was swinging in the breeze. Tightened the sensor to the housing.

All good now.

Back to the parts shop and a second hand exhaust manifold, have it ground. Muffler guy tells me it was not too bad. Anyway, #4 studs have worked loose so do the “…ream out, install new thread, install new studs…” Used locktite for the threads and redid the other studs with anti-foul thread treatment.

Turbo back on, replace the noisy bearing in the air conditioner idler pulley, replace everything else and start. Repair “white-wire”, which I cut to confirm ORPS, although the TECH2 gave a low reading, so only confirmation.

Goes 2nd turn without priming after about 4/ 5weeks [was a bit busy to do the work and J6 required driving!]. Oil pressure OK, ORPS OK, although not giving any reading until I cut the wire.

Off for a 500km round road trip after checking coolant hoses with my trailer to pick up some new tyres and do some other chores.

J5 performs well, pulls well, but for a slight hesitation on light acceleration form around 1800 rpm.

Is this the RPCV requiring a clean, or a slightly dodgy injector?

Next morning have a short local trip and J5 fires straight up but oil light on dash and no oil pressure on gauge.

Back to the drawing board.

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