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Low oil pressure light comes on

J5, my true Blue Jack was giving some odd symptoms recently.

It would be periodically hard to start, tracked to a bad ORPS [maybe] but the really odd thing was the oil light would not extinguish. You would decelerate to a corner and the engine would stall – got quite quick to clutch start it though.

I had a couple of studs in the exhaust manifold to replace so thought it was about time to do that job as well, clean the engine again (and maybe find the oil source).

So off with the turbo, remove the manifold (1998 version requires the support bracket for the air conditioner to be removed as well.

Out with the tools, tidy up, a coffee, the manual, the “thought-box” and a call to another owner.

Looked at the oil pressure sender? He asked.

Yes I said, is that the thing that was covered in oil and requires the 17mm spanner.

Yes comes the answer.

I reach in and disconnect from the loom. The joiner was swinging in the breeze and not on the special bracket on the side of the engine.


There was another connector with some wear that was loose as well.

Then the oil pressure sensor – loose and comes out easily with a soft hand turn.

Cleaned up all the oily mess below, which probably explains the oil on the front axle housing. I constructed the tool (17 mm open ended spanner, cutoff and which then can be reached with a ½ inch bar.



Make sure spanner in correct orientation to fit easily) suggested by Delaware Cop in the Australian blog site.

I then cleaned everything, removed the temperature sensor, cleaned contacts, checked corrosion free [OK] and replaced the sensor put the joiner back on the support.

All good.

Special tool – note direction of spanner when complete. The direction is important to allow for sufficient clearance when in use.

Now back to the exhaust manifold fix.
That’s another story.

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