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Cooler weather here now

It is getting cooler!!

A few things to think about with slower starts and sluggish starts in early winter/ autumn. It is only likely to get worse!!


  • Oil change too long?? – [Should we use a shorter oil change time in winter??, to stop the oil degradation]
  • Not using 5W-30 diesel motor oil

Type of Diesel:

  • No winter diesel yet??


[Check with a 12mm spanner the drain plug in diesel tank for coolant – early sign]

Fuel Supply:

  • Fuel draining back to fuel tank [one-way valve]
  • Air getting into fuel filter
  • Wrong filter [WIX 33393]

A few more to check as well.

  • Glow plugs working/ OK
  • Battery on “way out” – [Not holding cranking capacity]
  • Second battery getting “soggy”
  • Too many short runs [Solar plate top up]

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