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Seals in the sump - ingress of air

Seals in the sump often are found to need replacing when the sump uptakes [two] become either dislodged, break-off or start leaking. Vehicle won’t start, but an increase in oil level by putting an extra litre of oil into the sump will allow the engine to start as the intake point is covered with oil.


Injector Sleeve Puller

Sleeve Puller

This is a Computer Engineered, precision made item, from the correct spring steel and properly fits the injector tube for extraction. If there has been silicon used to “fix tubes”, the puller may require adaptions.

For sale at $145AU, plus postage and handling. If overseas, will require mailing extra.

The tool is shown […]

Turbocharger for 4JX1 IHI RHF5

A reasonable supplier for the 4JX1 has a turbo with both patterns already drilled at $409, including freight ex-Melbourne. Image below.

Talk to Barry on 03 – 8555 3989 and mention 4JX1.com

Full details are below:

Fits: Holden (Isuzu) Jackaroo 4JX1 / 4JX1T (3.0L) Shipping weight;

6.4 Shipping size:

26x24x22 RRP:

$ 409



Fuel supply problems

I believe that the fuel uptake is a real unknown problem for the 4JX1 motors. As we know, fuel supply is critical to the cooling of the head, with fuel being by-passed to the rear of the head, then into the fuel tank.

There is a fuel temperature sender at the rear and those with […]

Jackaroo 4JX1

A great machine, but needs careful care. There have been some horror stories out in Jackaroo land, with people left stranded with large bills, which trace back to poor understanding of what is, a complex machine.

The engine, which is a common rail with a HUEI system [see below]


Suggested Actions for […]